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Consider the Bible as the Compass for life. Not a map, buta tool to point you in the right direction every time. Its wisdom spans many centuries, yet millions today find its message as fresh and relevant as ever. They find that its principles work in daily life - in every stage of life. They discover purpose for living. That purpose gives them hope for now and for the future - even beyond this life. They believe in a home with God forever. In other words, they believe the Bible when it claims to speak for God.

Consider the Bible's claims. Again and again, it assures us that it is the pure word from our Maker.

In over 2,000 places the prophets of the Bible say things like this:

The Lord said to me . . .

These are the words of the Lord . . .

This is what the Lord says . . .

Moses said that God's laws, the Ten Commandments, were written "by the finger of God" on stone tablets (Exodus 31:18). He reported that God spoke with him "face to face, as a man speaks with his friend" (Exodus 33:11).

King David said,

The Spirit of the Lord spoke through me; His word was on my tongue (2 Samuel 23:2-3).

The prophet Jeremiah wrote,

Then the Lord reached out His hand and touched my mouth and said to me, "Now, I have put My words in your mouth" (Jeremiah 1:9).

We must seriously ask, "Did these prophets have a bad habit of lying? Or were they telling the truth, and God really did speak through them?

Stellar Preparatory Academy will provide the means for you and your child to explore the Bible in a straightforward, unbiased way. We will never impose our personal beliefs or provide materials that are biased toward one belief or denomination over another. What we will provide is a way to teach in a structured manner.

You will have complete control on what and how to provide spiritual guidance to your children.

What is Stellar Academy?

As you can probably tell, we're not just any school; we're private and we're online. This means no matter where you live you have complete autonomy regarding your child's education and you can access more than 120 courses, from Geometry to AP Art History and everything in between. What's more, our courses are just as real as the dedicated, certified teachers who teach them. Stellar Preparatory Academy is where you go to learn on your time and on your schedule, no matter what kind of student you have. Public, private and homeschooled students, from kindergarten-12th grade, can take our virtual courses wherever they live.

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